Per Distribution: About Us

Main Activities

Per Distribution is specialized in the sale of stock of clothing, accessories and footwears of various Italian and foreign brands.

We usually work with stock of great quantities beginning from 10,000 pieces. We make anticipated payments, but above all we assure that the goods will stay in the countries of destination.

Our experience has brought us to acquire reliability inside the groups Stefanel, Benetton, Replay and Diesel with which we continue work.


Per Distribution is still in strong expansion, not only in the countries of the East where we have operated till now (Kazakistan, Lithuania, Ukraine, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Siberia, Georgia, Mongolia, Bielorussia, Azerbaigian, Moldova and "Russia"), but also in the South American countries and the Southern part of Africa beside the area of the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Iran).

Our Goals

What is more important for our firm is to arrange with the manufacturing firms the place of destination of the goods, to not interfere with the already existing markets, and to preserve the seriousness of the brand.

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